ready to FOCUS™ Premium MCT Oil Powder

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Own the Day

Mix a scoop of "ready to FOCUS" with your favorite coffee, tea or shake and get ready to bring zen like focus to your day. 

The only MCT powder optimized for brain energy, mental clarity, and focus so you can more predictably get your best work done. 

Brain Fuel: Healthy fats (MCT's) from coconut oil.

  •    Easy conversion into brain energy 
  •    Supports the body's transition into Ketosis (breaking down fats as fuel) 

Focus: L Theanine, a powerful antioxidant 

  •    Common in green and black tea leaves
  •    Supports calm, focus so you can get your most important work done. 

Gut/Brain Health: Pre-biotic Acacia Fiber

Recognizing the linkage between gut health and brain health, we've added pre-biotic acacia fiber to help cultivate the right conditions for a sharp mind. 

As always, we skip the synthetic additives because we believe your mind and body know the difference.