About Optimized MCT Powder

What is MCT OIL?
The energy benefits of MCT Oil arise from their unique atomic structure.

With a shorter carbon chain length than typical dietary fats, rather than being stored as body fat (adipose tissue), they are converted to energy by entering the liver where they are oxidized for fuel.
MCT's are quickly metabolized into "ketone bodies", which cross the blood brain barrier for an incredible brain boost often touted as a key benefit of the Ketogenic diet. 

After months of research, our R&D team realized that interesting things happen when combining top quality MCT's with L Theanine.

So we set out to build the absolute best (additive/filler free) MCT Oil Powder available specifically optimized for FOCUS. It is the only MCT Oil product that has been scientifically created to deliver an immediate and lasting boost in focus and mental clarity. 

Starting with an optimized balance of C8 and C10 (MCT's) to deliver:
  •  Clean Energy for the Body, and Brain
  •  Sustained Ketosis 
  •  A high-functioning, healthy metabolism
We've added 200 MG of L Theanine per serve, together with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber, to deliver:
  •  Neuro Protective Benefits
  •  Peak mental clarity
  •  Support Calm Focus
  • Antioxidant Boost
  •  Support Gut Health
  •  and more
How to Enjoy
Mix a scoop (10g) of flavorless ready to FOCUS™ into your:   
  • Morning coffee or tea 
  • Pre-workout shake
  • Favorite Recipes

And be amazed by how great you feel and how effortless sustained focus becomes.  
What to Expect
Brain Fuel - With an optimized ratio of C8 C10 MCT's for immediate and extended release energy. C8 delivers an immediate boost in brain energy due to their shorter carbon chain length, while C10 provides stable, lasting energy.

Zen Like Focus - By naturally shifting the ratio of GABA to Glutamate in the brain, L Theanine supports a calm state of focus so you can cut through the noise and lock in on your most important goals.
Healthy Gut & Mind - Integrative medicine specialists and neuro-scientists alike are increasingly recognizing the important bi-directional linkage between gut health and brain function.
That's why we've added prebiotic acacia fiber, which helps nourish beneficial bacteria in the gut biome.
Neuro Protective Benefits
Green tea is known to have various health benefits many arising from "L Theanine", an amino acid which serves as a powerful antioxidant and is believed to contribute to to neuro-protection. 

However, most studies involve levels of L theanine far greater than what can be found in a cup of green tea. 
With 200 mg of this wonderful antioxidant per serving, you would need to consume ~ 25 cups of green tea to achieve the same result! 
The "ready to" Promise
"ready to FOCUS" Optimized MCT Powder is an MCT Focus supplement like none other.

It's the only MCT powder scientifically formulated to support enhanced focus and mental clarity.

If you feel "ready to FOCUS" has not helped you achieve a peak state of focus, just send it back within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.