• MCT oil and L Theanine in coffee for mental focus

    Clean Energy + Focus

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Clean Energy + Focus

Mix with coffee, tea or shake for focus on demand

Focus On Demand

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The Problem

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About ready to

We make natural products that will have you ready to feel and perform your best. 

Because your goals are too important to leave to chance.

About ready to FOCUS™

A natural source of clean enegy and focus...

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What's In It?

Clean, effective ingredients to help you stay focused, naturally.

Great product.

In the afternoon I used to lose focus when my coffee would wear off. With ready to FOCUS,  I'm confident I'm finishing my day on a much stronger footing. 

John S.

Highly recommend this product if you're looking to boost energy and mental clarity

Greg P. (Amazon)

 I’ve noticed a much more level energy during day and my wife has said it has even made my mood more positive.

Andy (Amazon)

WeWork Chicago is ready to FOCUS!